Tuesday, October 26, 2010

4:30 AM is might early!!!

Man 4:30 AM came early today!!! I had the morning shift at the hospital, Tyler and Shannon needed to get some rest so they slept in, we have switched off now so this old Nanny is headed for a nap until this evening. Shannon needs to get Tyler back to the house for some boy time and early to bed so Mr. man is ready for school tomorrow. Tyler has been so good at the hospital but it is not easy for a Super Hero to be locked up all day, he needs to break out and get some energy burned off.
Ty continues to keep us entertained with his reaction to his little sister, he wanted to decorate her today, Mommy is gonna have to explain little girls accessorize, we don't call it decorating!! Ha
Karsyn was super hungry this morning, as soon as Heather gave her the bottle she grabbed it and guzzled is down, needless to say she is a good little eater (runs in the family).
Our yard is a mess from the storms we had yesterday and high winds today, more storms are on the way tomorrow so I am gonna hold off on the clean up until then. Hot tea, cinnamon bread then a nap is all I will have time for right now

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