Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Wore Slap Out

Only One Side of the closet

I have put cleaning out the scraproom off long enough, I grounded myself for the day and even used the time out bear to keep me going, set it for 1 hour then I could take a break for :30 minutes before going back for an additional hour. Started at 7:00 AM it is now 8:30 PM and I am still not done, however I have made a big dent, surely I will be able to finish by tomorrow. Packed up 4 boxes of supplies to send to a good home, 2 more boxes are ready for the garage sale and 1 huge bag went to the trash. I still have a few area's I haven't sorted out yet that need to be done before I call it quits.

After I finish the room I need to spend a day, maybe 2 working on photo files in the PC and printing photos from the past year, how in the world did I get so far behind, beats me. I have 5 scrapbooks waiting to be updated and returned to our girls then on to Tyler's for the past 6 month's. I will be waiting until late fall to start working on the baby girls scrapbooks, I need to make a run to a scrapbook store to get inspired, with all that I have squirreled away I don't have much of anything for the babies. The closest store is almost 2 hours away so I need to save up and make a day of it to stock up. I had hoped CTMH would have something for girls in the latest cattie but no such luck, gonna have to take the show on the road. I have been VERY good all summer and haven't bought one single scrapbook related thing (except a CTMH order last week, doesn't count it is not in yet)

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