Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Lots of little things

Today was a day of getting lots of little projects done, I still have plenty more to do but I am celebrating that I at least worked through a few of them!! First off I was able to deal with 8 containers from the attic, whittled them down to 3 containers!!! YA WHOOOO (Don't ask where it all went, that's TOP secret) I have no idea how many more are in the attic but if I could knock out 8 each week maybe the attic will be finished before the cold weather sets in. The attic is a HUGE project, I can't get most of it down by myself so I hand things down to Bob, that can only happen on the weekends which have been jam packed full for most of the spring and summer, I am determined to get a handle on the attic this fall!

Worked on some hair pretties for the Grand baby girls today, I lost count but I think I finished close to a dozen, still have the supplies spread all over the Den so I can whip out a few more tonight.

Also picked up a Halloween scrapbook for Kelli and Nathan, got the cover page done, now just need to get lots of cute photo's of Kara to get the book started. I went with an 8x8 album for their family just as Heather and Shannon's. I will switch all of the layouts from my own album into a 12x12 album. My plan is to do one 2 page layout for each of the Grand Babies going forward, there is no way I can keep up if I continue to do 4 or 5 (2) page layouts for each of them.

Last but certainly not least I opened accounts closed accounts and began reworking our banking for the future, still have some tweaking to do but at least I was able to get the process going. It has been hard to figure out what is going to work best for our family that will fit in the "Change We Can Believe In" policies. Everyone needs to keep and eye on your bank statements, lots of changes in fee's and policies that might surprise you. Take a morning and set down with your local branch manager to review your accounts, you need to understand what if any of the changes have done to your own banking.

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