Sunday, November 7, 2010

101 Irons in the fire

BLT's with applesauce and pickles LOVE the garden

I am overwhelmed by the amount of unfinished projects around the house right now. With Rambo Man home for only a weekend we spend our time working our tails off but the work keeps piling up, I rarely stop during the week but some things take two people no matter how hard I work. UGHHHHH!! We have so much to do outside before winter sets in that we could spend a week outside alone, the durn attic clean out seems to be dragging along at to slow a pace, our fire wood will arrive soon so that will be a weekend of work to put up, Rambo man needs to take out the old equipment from the fireplace so our new toy can be installed, the list is endless!! I think it may be getting close to the time that he is gonna have to take a staycation for at least a week.
We got very little accomplished this weekend other than running around finding the best deal we could on a new freezer and wood burning stove, NC had a tax free weekend for energy star appliances, that along with rebates from major appliance companies and in store sales we were able to pick up a larger freezer for a really good price, YAAA, we needed a bigger freezer to accommodate all that the garden has provided us this year.
We also wanted to get in on the federal tax incentives that will expire at the end of the year so we had to get busy and make a decision on a wood stove, to qualify for the tax break it has to be installed before December 31st. My deadline was before Thanksgiving, I just don't want to deal with a big mess during the holiday. The stove we went with was on sale a little bit, and I do mean a little bit, but after checking around a 3 state area it was the best deal to be had. Maybe all this spending of money has put me in a foul mood, I will do better tomorrow (I hope)
On a happy note we had BLT's for lunch Saturday, lettuce and tomatoes from the garden, salt brine pickles from the garden and canned applesauce, super yummy, quick, easy and cheap. Heck I fell better already!!
PS: Rambo Man is not happy with the freeze yer buns off challenge

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