Sunday, November 21, 2010


Rambo man was unable to get home for the weekend so I had the wood pile all to myself, UGH!! Took 37 wheel barrel loads to move it and get it stacked. One thing I can guarantee my missing husband is he never needs to worry that I might run off with a hairy chainsaw toting lumberjack. Moving and stacking wood is for the birds. I will be headed to bed extra early tonight with a heating pad. By the way the nicely stacked wood is what I did, the small messy pile is Rambo mans pile from last year that he moved and stacked last weekend, I think mine looks much more professional. We are still going to need a load or two more but that needs to wait until I have a little help.
I brined and roasted a turkey for Kelli's office holiday dinner Saturday, it turned out golden brown with tender juicy meat, perfect! I used my fancy new roasting pan that I picked up last week with gift cards from my Birthday, love it! Williams Sanoma had them on sale and with the gift cards I was only out $30.00, ya for me. Took the bones and yuck stuff and made a nice turkey stock to use over the winter, it is all tucked away in the freezer for when we are not sick and tired of holiday food, along with some dehydrated veggies and homemade noodles this should be a real treat that costs nothing and is super fast to throw together.
Turned the grill over to our Son In Laws today for Sunday dinner, made a few sides and a Birthday cake for Nathan and called it good. After mowing the lawn, stacking wood, and sweeping the drive I had no energy left to pull off a big meal. Tomorrow is checking the Christmas lists of all the kids, the babies are all done and I think I am ahead of the game with all the rest. I would love to have the shopping done by the first week of December this year so I can stay around the house and enjoy a peaceful Christmas.

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