Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Stove is in!!

So excited, we got the wood stove installed today. I was afraid with the rain and wind we have today they might not be able to do the work on the chimney but all turned out perfect! We do need some extra repairs done to the top bricks of the chimney, that has already been scheduled for after Thanksgiving by the same fella's who put the stove in. YAAAA, another project marked of the to do list. We went with a Vermont cast iron free standing stove, they have the highest recycling, renewable, and reusable rating we could find and the are made in the USA!!!! LOVE THAT!! This little sucker will heat up to 2,200 square feet and has a small cook top if the power should ever go out we can cook inside the house instead of the outdoor grill, last but not least we qualify for the $1,500.00 Fed income tax write off.

The firewood man touched base today, he will get out this week with our wood, didn't give me a day or time so we will see how that works out, he has until the end of the week or we will be going with another guy. We have been waiting for over 3 weeks at this point, don't plan on waiting any longer. Can't wait to fire the bad girl up and she what she can do, but I am holding off until Rambo Man gets home, figure 2 heads are better than one where fire building is concerned.

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