Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Attic Update and Noodles

Baby Kara

Attic Update!! I think I might be a little over 1/2 way done with the attic!!!!! Got my butt in gear today and was able to take 2 full loads of stuff to an undisclosed location. I plan on hitting it again in the morning and maybe sort 3 or 4 more cartons. By next week I think we will have knocked out that major job, I told all of our girls they should be on their knee's thanking me for taking this project on, otherwise they would have been stuck doing it when they wheel Rambo man and I to the old folks home. I can't tell you how good it feels to unload the excess stuff in this house!!!!

On to the noodles, homemade noodles are not hard to make but they take time, mix them up, let the dough rest, roll it out, cut noodles, then let them dry at least 2 hours. It takes a triple batch to feed our family if all the kids and grand kids are around. This winter when I have both baby girls it is going to be a real challenge to put this much time and effort into noodles. So it got me thinking, could I make them ahead then freeze them until needed? I checked with my buddy Jackie who is a noodle expert between us we decided yep, it can be done. Jackie is a Minnesota gal and Lutheran to boot so you can bet she knows her way around the kitchen. Thanks Jackie for your help!!

Last but not least I signed up for the Freeze Yer Buns off challenge at Crunchy Chicken blog. I set our goal for the heat to be set at 65 during the day and 55 at night, no problem for Bob and I but I am sure our kids are gonna have a fit when they are around. They seem to think the heat should be close to 80 in the winter and the air set at 70 in the summer. We had heating bills over $400.00 last winter, never have we had bills that high, we hope by setting the heat lower this year maybe we can cut the bill down a bit. It is 62 in the house right now and I am very comfortable, Amber just left for the evening and ask if the heater was broken, Ha

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