Monday, November 8, 2010

Eating the Elephant one bite at a time

Do you have drawers full of instructions, manuals and pamphlets of all the gadgets in the kitchen. Me too, I had all mine stacked neatly with the cook books, worked well until I needed to pull one out then the whole house of cards would come falling down. A few weeks ago I had it with the mess, moved it all to the dinning room table to deal with ASAP. ASAP happened this morning, I needed to get something done from start to finish for a change, enough with the piles of little projects hanging over my head stealing my mojo.
I blinged up a 3 ring notebook with some scrapbooing supplies and a copy of a wedding photo of my Grandparents, added page protectors, then put all the appliance, tools, and gadget paperwork in a protector. This should make finding whatever instructions I need fast and easy, and just as importantly pretty cute looking.

Headed to the attic to tackle more cartons, I am down to 2 more!!!! Now the upstairs hallway is a total disaster. I will be working on that mess tonight, already took a load to my special place to drop off and have the car 1/2 full of an additional load. I should be able to finish tomorrow. I will have to wait till the weekend to pull down the furniture that needs to go, have to wait for Rambo man's help, then put back the VERY FEW cartons we will be keeping. WOW what a job, can't wait till it is finished!!!!!
We need to do a major clean out of the back shed, planned on working over the fall on that but after the attic clean out I don't know that I will have the energy to take that on, It is a 2 man job as far as I am concerned, I know there are spiders and bugs. Rambo man can pull it all out and I will be happy sort and make decisions, he can deal with the critters.

Want to know how to stay warm if you took the Freeze Yer Buns off challenge? Clean the attic, you will work up a good sweat for weeks!!!!

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