Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday... Really


Black Friday... now whats that all about? Who thought up the name? Seems to me it should be renamed RED Friday because most people are not working in the black of their budget but instead they are going in the red. I am all about a sale, coupons and % off deals, don't get me wrong I try to get the best deal I can on things we need/want at the best price possible but Black Friday is a commercial holiday I boycott. No way, no how am I gonna physically fight another human being to get in on a sale. Stand in line at 3:00 AM to wait for a store to open, ain't happening when we have a warm bed and a refrigerator full of yummy leftovers at home.

Rambo man and I did go out a few years back to pick up a tool bench for one of the Son-In-Laws for Christmas, we didn't even think about it being Black Friday. The traffic was crazy, the parking lots were overloaded, snotty people were double parking, frazzled and grouchy nuts were everywhere, Moms were mowing folks down with strollers full of crying kids. Who thinks this is fun, worth the hassle or truly saving money? I spoke to a friend today that venture out at 5:00AM. She is normally a very stable lady, she spends within her means, thinks out purchases, shops on sale and sticks to her list. She was exhausted, had spent $500.00 in one store and had no idea what she purchased, had bags full from the second store and wouldn't share the final price she paid. She was headed home hungry, tried, cold and overwhelmed, I might take a fresh loaf of bread over to her later today to sooth her soul. All I can say for those who headed out today is Bless Your Heart, this chunky butt Nanny is home with the fire burning brightly and a plate full of holiday leftovers. I feel a nap coming on, turkey makes me sleepy or maybe its the pumkin pie.

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