Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Working the plan

One of the many things hanging around waiting to be dealt with are a pile of recipes from magazines, friends, written on napkins and scrap paper. I pulled it all together awhile back and you guessed it, put it in a pile on the dinning room table. Moved it all along with a stack of blank recipe cards to the scrap room today and made a pack with myself to work on it 1 hour each morning. I have no idea how long it will take to get it all done and organized but I do know if I don't start doing something with it nothing will get done. Also need to set down at the PC and print off recipes that I use I have found on line but have never printed, they won't do me any good if the power should go out. I don't have the time to just set for days and do it all but surely an hour a day I can manage.

Got the upstairs hallway back in order after the attic frenzy yesterday, labeled the cartons we will be returning to the attic over the weekend and vacuumed up lots of insulation that has been drug down in the clean out. Need to add more insulation to be installed in the attic to our ever growing list of to do's. After spending close to a month up there I can now see we need to beef up the 20 year old pink stuff.

Spent a little time with the kids getting photo's of Karsyn today. She decided to show off and make poo when we took her diaper off for some of the pictures, not once, not twice but three times. Got a few good shots and left the kids with a loads of laundry where their sweet girl let lose.

Tomorrow is a bit of garden work, need to tidy up some things and check on the progress of others, mow the lawn and tackle the mounds of leaves that need to be moved to the compost pile, thank goodness for nice weather!

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