Thursday, November 18, 2010

Lots of savings!

First cut
Second cut

8 lbs = 1 Quart and 1 Pint of dehydrated onions

Onions are in season at our farmers market right now only $1.50 lb, grocery store has them for $2.99 lb and who the heck knows where they come from. Ours turned out the size of marbles so to the market I went. I use a french fry cutter to make cutting up onions for the dehydrator super fast only took 20 minutes to cut 8 pounds of onions and get them in the dehydrator. I put another 8 pounds in tonight, that should give us enough to get through until onions are in season again next year, better yet maybe we will have better luck next summer in our garden. I picked up our cutter at the local Northern Tool and Equipment store, saved around $20.00 over everywhere else I found them and didn't have to pay shipping and handling, sucker is pretty heavy. Also moved the dehydrator to the garage so I didn't stink up the house so bad, from here on out that's were I plan on dehydrating the stinky stuff!

On to the super duper savings this week. I have been hanging on to coupons for the last few weeks, I knew the closer we got to the holiday's the better the sales would be, hit pay dirt tonight! Spent $214.25 and saved $187.05!!!! Gotta love those coupons, every single thing I bought was on sale and around 80% of the items I had a coupon for. I took me close to 2 hours in the store and maybe an hour working on my list before I went, of course takes time to cut them out but soooo worth it!! I really stocked up on butter that I didn't have coupons for but the sale was really good, butter in our area is up to $4.39 lb, sale was 2 for $6.00, can't believe how fast butter has gone up but there you have it, just gotta get in on the deals when you can. If you are not using coupons and buying on sale you are missing out big time, without coupons/sales we wouldn't have the large pantry/freezer we are able to have. I sleep better at night knowing whatever happens our family will still eat and eat good!!


  1. LOL I was going to ask where you put the dehydrator. Onions do REEK. I remember having 4 dehydrators going with onions. You could smell it a LONG way away. Luckily at the time we lived in the country.

  2. Made the mistake this summer of dehydrating garlic in the house when the temp was in the 90's!! Never again!!