Monday, November 29, 2010

Fashion Emergency

Poor AJ doesn't like Freezer yer buns off

So my day of creating was sidetracked by a fashion emergency for the grand daughters. We have an appointment in the morning for our grand children's Christmas photo. The girls realized the baby girls didn't have a hair bow to match the outfits they will be wearing, since it was super cold out and both Mommies had a plate full of must do's today Nanny took off on a mission. Ended up that I could have made the bows in less time than it took to hunt them down. But the emergency has been taken care of, the babies have lots of options for hair accessories in the morning. Hit one of our favorite specialty shops for children while on the trail for bows, sad to say they will be closing their doors as soon as they sell out, they had very little stock left so they may close within a week or so, this economy sucks!!

Decided while I was out to cash in on a few dollar back deals at a couple of stores. Scored a pair of jeans and 2 shirts at Kholes for $2.09 after free bucks. Picked up some office supplies at staples with $48.00 in cash back from ink cartridge returns. Then on the CVS to get in on the $10.00 back if you purchase 3 gift cards this week, need lots of gift cards so I was happy to get a little free money to use for future purchases.

Finally made it home to work on the Christmas cards, I made great progress until I ran out of dimensional adhesive, durn. After the kids photo shoot tomorrow I will need to run to the craft store and pick up enough adhesive to FINALLY finish! Went ahead and got the envelopes addressed and stamps on so the day wasn't a total loss.
Last but least I brought in wood for the stove since we should be getting some rain for a couple of days, but with all the riping and running I didn't build a fire today, poor AJ is freezing her buns off, time to tuck the little beagle in for the night.

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