Monday, November 22, 2010

Monday Blah's

Getting out of bed was a real struggle this morning (Wood pile remember), fixed a cup of tea and headed back to bed with a multitude of to do lists. Truth is it took two cups of tea and a hunk of cake to get the motor running. I got our to do lists updated and organized so I can be a bit more focused on what needs to be on top of the to do's then headed out.

Made a quick trip to my undisclosed location with more stuff, loaded Rambo man's truck up with a few things that were destroyed in the windstorm last week and various other gotta go items, when he gets home later in the week he can make a run to the dump. Then on to some Christmas shopping.
We are trying to stick with more practical gifts this year, our kids don't need stuff any more than we do, the other criteria is the gifts need to be on sale. For the most part I have been able to keep to the sale items but a couple of things never go on sale so I had to bite the bullet. I was in and out of numerous stores than weren't serious enough about their sales. I have plenty of time to be picky with the spending. We are done with the Grand babies, names we drew for our extended family, one of our girls, Rambo man, and both Son-In-Laws. Only two more girls to finish up and a few homemade things for friends, then we are done!! My goal was to have it all finished before Thanksgiving, I might just make it!! Can't wait to get started on the creative gifts, the supplies have been piled up in the studio for a month or more. Monday has been declared Mom's creating day, the family can figure out whatever they need on their own!

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