Thursday, November 4, 2010

Cheap Eats

While Heather was in the hospital giving us our 3rd grand baby one of her requests was a cup of hot Carmel apple cider from Starbucks, you can bet the new Mama got one every day!! I decided what the heck no caffeine in the things so I gave it a try, they are really, really good however the suckers run around $4.00 @ of course while there I picked us up a couple of muffins which ended up costing the better part of a $20.00 bill. Now let me tell you any of our Daughters who are willing to give us a Grand baby is well worth a $20.00 bill any day but I knew I could replicate the great warm drink and snack cheaper!
Muffins are a no brainer, I went a little overboard on sweet cherries this spring, need to get busy and start using them up. Cherry muffins are different but pretty good and super cheap.
I thought of going with apple cider for the drink but the problem is we don't drink a lot of cider. We drink it during the holiday's as a warm speciality drink but other than that it would go bad before we could every use a gallon. Checked around and low and behold our grocery store had boxes of hot apple cider drink mix on display!! I have never seen them before, and they were on sale for $1.05 a box with 10 packages in each. I then hit the local Starbucks and picked up a bottle of Carmel syrup for $5.00 and was in business. Bottom line, we will now be having delicious hot Carmel apple cider for $.15 cents a cup this fall and winter.
As I set in our home on this cold rainy night with the heat set at 55 degrees I am LOVIN this drink. Freezing Yer Buns Off challenge is going to be mighty stretch this winter!!

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