Sunday, November 28, 2010

Wood Stove Cookin

Decided to give some wood stove cookin a try tonight, so far so good. We have a pork roast slow cooking on the stove top of the wood stove. Another hour and it should be done, the house smells wonderful. Took a peak in the dutch oven a bit ago and it looks as good as it smells! Our poor dog doesn't know what to think, she doesn't like the wood stove any more than she did the fireplace but on the other hand something sure smells good over that way.

Rambo man is loving the new stove, no more freezing yer buns off, in fact the family room is in the 80's, upstairs in the 70's, we have to open the window and let a little of the 20 degree air in to get a good nights sleep.

We have had a heck of a busy weekend, non stop each day but we decided to take the night off although we have more we would have liked to knock out. Today was yard work, baking, and cooking up meals for the week ahead. Also decided to do a little redecorating yesterday that will work better with our lifestyle right now, more on that later (hope I can find a before photo) Re decorating was not on our to do list but when I get a wild hair I just have to go with it.

Tomorrow is my play day, I WILL spend the entire day in the studio finishing Christmas cards and maybe even hitting another project or two that has been waiting for attention. The family has been put on notice, Nanny is NOT avaliable for 24 hours. Not sure how that will work out but I can only hope!!

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