Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Baby Cabinet

Durn Mess
Much Better

Baby and Tyler's new spot
Our baby cabinet was a durn mess, the bottom 2 shelves should have been for food, formula, dishes and spippy cups but it also seemed to catch lots of odds and ends. Kara will start on baby food this week, Karsyn is only 3 months away, Tyler has an assortment of sippy cups and dinnerware for whatever mood he is in and of course holiday dishware. A little rearranging of cabinets was the task of the day, hopefully the changes I made will make things a bit easier when all 3 Grand babies are around.
Also got a good start on cutting out more Christmas cards and stamping while Kara played rolly polly all over the studio, now that she has learned how to roll over she is on the move. Figure if I spend the evenings inking, blending, and blinging I might be able to get all the cards ready by the first of December, not gonna make my original Thanksgiving goal.
Tomorrow is all day in the kitchen getting as many sides and deserts done ahead of time as I can for Thanksgiving. Kara will be spending the day with me but no rolly polly play in the kitchen, hope I can keep her entertained and still pull it all off before bedtime.

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