Thursday, November 11, 2010


Should have gotten our new 20.5 cb. ft. freezer delivered today however the fella's dropped and crushed the durn thing. UGHHHH They are gonna give it another try tomorrow, can only hope they have better luck.

Since I couldn't move and organize the freezer I took on Rambo Mans closet. Our middle Daughter moved out last week so we now have a couple of free closets. Mr. Rambo has more Harley tee shirts than most dealers carry in their stores, along with hundreds of tees he has his dress clothes which are vary rarely worn and tons of coats and jackets vender's constantly give him ( if its free it's for me). He now has 2 beautifully organized spacious closets, we will see how long that lasts.

Did a little work in the garden, eggplant is coming along, broccoli has some tiny buds as well as the cabbage. Looks like we will have enough green peppers to have Paula Deen's red stuffed peppers this weekend. If you have never tried Paula's stuffed peppers you gotta give it a try, they are the best stuffed peppers you will ever eat, we use our green peppers instead of red ones and they are still wonderful!!

Have Kara for the day tomorrow along with baking bread, cooking up meals for the super busy weekend we have coming up and maybe a new freezer to fill up, fingers are crossed on that one!!

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