Friday, November 19, 2010

Why store food?

Karsyn with "The Gourd Lady"
Kara with "The Gourd Lady"
First off I wanted to share our photo of Kara and Karsyn with The Gourd Lady from our day at the Southern Christmas show. Kara is a super friendly baby and really loves to go on outings, she has a smile for everyone she sees but she wasn't to sure about the Gourd Lady!! She didn't cry or anything just sat and kept looking at her then me, trying to figure it all out, soooo cute. Karsyn had no idea what was going on, at 3 weeks old her only interests are eating, sleeping and filling her pants! So glad I was able to stop in and get pictures with our new girls, the Gourd Lady is in her 90's not sure she will be making many more shows.
Now on to the food storage deal. There has been lots of media attention this week over Glenn Becks shows concerning food storage. It is really interesting to follow along and see what folks think about his views on food storage, you hear everything from the end of the world predictions, environmental impact/global warming, conspiracy's from our government, to he is a total nut job. Glenn Beck is a Latter Day Saint member, food storage is one of the doctrines of their church so it should come as no surprise why he participates in food storage. I think he did attempt to connect the left wing political machine to reasons we should all be thinking about food storage, that along with the whole global economy mess and I can see why people are a bit baffled, confused, and concerned.
As a family who has a very deep pantry I guess we could be considered food storage folks, but I don't really think in those terms. Our pantry/freezer/garden is more a lifestyle decision for us. We like to eat, no doubt about that, with the health issues I have I need to stay away from preservatives as much as I can. Gardening, canning, freezing, dehydrating, and buying from our local farms have had a huge impact on my health and the expense of my prescription drugs in a positive way! Using coupons, buying only on sale and rotating food has made a big difference on our budget. Looking for ways to become more self sufficient in our home will hopefully save us even more money and give us the added benefit of weathering a spring or winter storm in a bit more comfort in our own home and NOT a government shelter. I don't believe the government can take care of any of us in the way we would want to be taken care of in a disaster, no matter who is in the White House, therefore we need to prepare to do it on our own.
I was brought up in a farming community, having a basement full of canned food and a root cellar loaded down is what I remember as being normal. The generation of just running to the store and grabbing what you need for one quick meal is really a new concept, many from my Fathers generation was the first to have this convince, my generation has almost no memories of putting food by and my kids are clueless! Food preservation, gardening and making due are becoming a lost art or for folks running around in the woods with tin foil helmets and guns.
Working in the garden in 100 degree heat is a pain, canning in that heat can get unbearable, chopping, slicing, and dicing can lead to a really bad bobo. Cooking from scratch takes time, giving up store bought bread and making your own takes energy. Rotating food and insuring it is stored safely can be physically challenging but it is so worth it to know whatever happens you will still be able to provide the basics for your family. In a crises situation I want to be one of the people who is able to give a helping hand and not be asking for a hand out.
I know this post has been long and a bit chatty but I think too many people see money as their way of preparing for whatever might happen in the future and have forgotten that education and self sufficancy will never go out of style or be eaten up by inflation. Heck we might all be broke in a year or two, having a little food to share and skills to help others will go a long way and be a blessing for everyone.

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