Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Relapse, UGHH

Plastic wrap and bags are stored on a shelf in the linen closet, need a few good sales on gallon bags before summer.

Over the counter drugs and first aid are stored in tubs in the top of my closet, out of the way of little hands. We keep what we use regularly in a small container in the kitchen and restock from the closet. I don't by over the counter drugs or first aid supplies for the food pantry, not sure they would even take it.

Woke up last night at 11:00 pm with a return of the creeping crud, up all night long with chills and trips to the bathroom. I couldn't make the drive to pick Karsyn up this morning (needed to stay close to the bathroom) so the kids dropped her off on the way to work and had to pick her up after work, Kara came later in the day. Thankfully both girls were little dolls so I was able to rest a bit while they napped. Back to eating dry crackers, water and juice soooooo hope this will clear up soon!! And pray the babies don't come down with it. Being sick SUCKS, I am really not good at this whole being sick deal, I am ready to eat real food and get something done around the house.

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