Thursday, March 31, 2011

Quarterly Budget

Clothes Pin Hanger

First off the fun stuff, finished the new clothes pin hanger today, like it much better than the others I have made so this one is a keeper. I did use a store bought pattern from the 30% off sale last weekend, it was worth every dime, super fast and easy to do.

Finished crunching the quarterly budget numbers today, now that the spread sheet is built I should have a much better time figuring out where the leaks are in our spending. Until the end of the year when I know what we spend on the garden it is hard to tell exactly what we are spending on food but this is a start.

Average per month on Groceries in 2011 is $ 250.00 Average coupon savings per month on Groceries is $ 403.00

That's a %70 savings using coupons!! Go me

I also figured in our bulk food purchases in the grocery spending numbers so the coupon savings are even better than %70

Average money spent eating out each month $ 60.00, that's a number we can live with.

Money saved from Bush Tax Cut Extension $1,800.00. WooHoo!!

Bumps in the road on our spending:

FABRIC STORE, I need to stop spending and do more sewing!!!

Of course GAS is a kicker for all of us. I am paying attention to where I go and combining trips as much as I can but it is still taking a bigger bite than we expected at the pump and in the grocery store. I could purchase a more fuel efficient car (mine sucks gas) but we hope to hang onto the old gal at least 2 more years.

The weekend looks to be pleasant weather, if it works out that way I will be hitting the nursery to start working on some of our spring planting. We are going to need lots of extras for the new beds we are putting in this year as well as more plants to fill them with. Tyler will have his own little garden this year as well, when Rambo man gets back he is going to build a small square foot garden for him, so far he wants sunflowers, cookies, and pickles to plant. Gotta love them Grand babies, they keep us smiling!!

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