Friday, July 1, 2011

Home grown Home cooking

This book will make you want to stay far away from the grocery store!

Just finished this book my sister suggested, it's worth the read if your interested in eating more locally and knowing what could be lurking in the foods at the grocery store.

Yesterday morning started at 5:30, why is it some days no matter what you just can't get in an extra hours sleep? I went ahead and started supper since I knew the sewing class would run until 5:00 then I had the rush hour traffic drive home, boy am I ever glad I did!! We had a mostly home grown meal from our back yard or the farmer down the road, the other ingredients were picked up over time on sale and with coupons for free, can't get any more frugal than that!

Below is what was on the menu and where it came from, I might get a chance to post later about the sewing project from yesterday, time will tell the list is a mile long as always.

Paula Deans red bell peppers - green peppers garden, onions garden, garlic dehydrated from last year, meat from local farms, tomatoes canned from last years garden, beef stock from

freezer, rice and cheese grocery store
Corn on the cob - local farm

Fried squash - garden

Tomatoes - garden

Cucumbers - garden

Peaches - canned from last year

Paula Deans cheese biscuits - garlic dehydrated from last year

Zucchini bread - garden, fresh ground wheat berries, the rest grocery store free or almost free


  1. That book is still on my "to read" list! Have you read any of Michael Pollans books? They're eye openers too!

  2. No but thanks for the tip!!