Thursday, July 14, 2011

Ahoy Matey

My play date with Karsyn
Quilt is ready for the beach

A good nights sleep makes a world of difference. I was so dragging butt Tuesday night I was ready to mow down the garden, concrete over the yard and go on vacation for a month! After a good night sleep I was up bright and early (before the sun came up) got the tomatoes tied, did the day's picking and got a little weeding done before the heat of the day got cranked up.

Daughter #1 came by to drop Karsyn off for a play date with me, but before she took off for the day we made a trip to the local fabric store to pick up materials for 23 super hero capes. Yes you read that right she needs 23 super hero capes to use as goddie prizes for Tyler's upcoming Birthday. All of the children will receive a cape then head to a creative station to add their name and decorate the way they want using the little foam stuff you get at the craft store. When she first ask me to make capes I was like heck ya no problem, I cut out 6, added a sloppy 1/2 inch hem then used seam binding for the tie, easy peasy. When she later informed me she needed 23 I did something I have never done, I told her I would make them but she needed to purchase the supplies. It's time our girls had a little skin in the game, I make things way to easy for them. I will make the capes using materials Mommy purchased, a first around here! While at the fabric store I picked up packaged quilt binding to finish up the beach quilt. I was making myself crazy trying to figure out a cleaver idea to make the binding out of the leftover fabric. It's done now and ready for the beach, who cares if I took a short cut!

I have Kara for part of the day today then a night class making a little girls reversible dress so I need to pace myself, maybe even get in a little nap while Kara is resting this afternoon. Headed to the garden with hopes that I am not overwhelmed with more zucchini!

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  1. Love the summer quilt! It's o bright. & fun!

    Those are going to be a lot of lucky kids with their superhero capes!! What a fun idea!! :)