Sunday, July 10, 2011

Ice Cream Social

Don't you want to just grab a glass of tea and hang out?
My buddies new screened in porch, not fair, she has both of my dreams!!

It's a daily thing now, just like brushing your teeth

As I was digging around in the refrigerator today figuring out what to have for lunch I ran into the heavy whipping cream and 1/2 & 1/2 we had leftover from the 4th. With Rambo man out of town I thought hey why not make a few batches of ice cream, get some girl friends together for a little ice cream social over at one of my buddies homes who has added a new screened in porch. I love hanging out at my buddies, she has the front porch of my dreams and now this cozy little screened in porch, I have porch envy!! I made up a batch of vanilla, chocolate and chocolate chip mint to share with the girls, we had a little of each flavor and thought of lots of other combo's that would be great to try. If I can pull it together tomorrow we plan on polishing off the rest of the ice cream along with a few loaves of zucchini bread. The zucchini fairy has gone crazy around here, enough already I can't keep up. I need to take time out to hang with friends more often it has been to long.

Canning has been a daily thing lately, I really should have worked up and canned another batch of pickles I brought in tonight from the garden but I am just to tired to deal with it, tomorrow is another day Scarlett. Pulled over 30 tomatoes tonight as well that aren't quite ripe but due to the hot humid and rainy afternoons this past week they are beginning to split. I would rather cut off the green tops and can the good part than let them all go to waste. I was reading on line tonight that they have what is called green shoulders due to the weather. I also need to get back in the tomato patch and tie up the plants, we have had some wicked storms the last few days that have done a number on the plants. I hope I can save them, some are looking very bad. It's super cool to bring in what is now 3 or 4 baskets of veggies each day but the not so fun part is keeping the weeding done, repairing the poles that get broken in storms and cutting back some odd looking limbs that may or may not be good for the plants. I need a gardener to do the crappy stuff so I can put on a cute floppy hat and just wonder around plucking the fruits of his/hers labor. OK, that ain't happening so I will hit the garden in the morning before the heat gets up to 95 degrees.

I am working on a new project for a friend who is raising her first flock of chickens as well as some pillow case dresses for a charity drive at a local quilting store, my kitchen is in disarray. I moved the sewing machine downstairs to the kitchen table for now, climbing the stairs is a bit of a struggle with my bum leg. So one side of the kitchen is all about sewing the other is all about canning and dehydrating, multi tasking is messy work!

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  1. I don't know how you keep up with everything! I think ice cream with the girls was well deserved!! :)