Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Lots of unfinished projects

Last nights all nighter, this was 1 of 2 batches I did yesterday of pickles and tomatoes
Table runner from class today so far up to 27 x 20

Table runner 31 x 17 gift for a buddy

Check out the fabric, Chickens and fried eggs, love it!

One of 6 pillow case dresses that need to be finished

I am going to bed.... I did start picking from the garden this evening but the tomato plants are in such bad shape I had to walk away, maybe tomorrow I will be in a frame of mind to try and save them. Between the rain and now 100 degree temps most of them are laying down, the sprinklers are running for an hour in hopes that everything will perk up by the AM, including me! I did bring in a dozen more zucchini and over a dozen yellow squash along with a few bell peppers before I gave up, looks like another day of canning, freezing and dehydrating tomorrow.

I'm not finished with the piece work on the table runner from class today, I need to add more quilt blocks, I am thinking at least 2 more rolls to get it to the size that will work well for my table, then comes the quilting and binding. I have a Halloween and Thanksgiving runner but I don't have a general fall table runner, hope once I finish this up it will look a little more fallish. I didn't want the traditional fall colors.

The chicken and fried eggs runner is for a sweet young Mom who started her chicken flock this spring, she needed a little pick me up. She is having rabbit problems in her garden and her chickens are not laying yet, saw a post on FB that she now knows what Elmer Fudd feels like. Mama T this will be on its way to your kitchen table as soon as I finish up the binding. I think I took enough photo's as I was coming up with the design to post a recipe later in the week for the design, really simple.

Last but not least here is one of the 6 pillow case dresses I have finished for the charity drive one of our local quilt stores is hosting. A young lady in our area has taken on this project for her Girl Scout Gold award, she needs 300 dresses by the end of July to donate to an orphanage in Haiti. This is a combo right up my ally, sewing, charity and a kick butt deal on pillow cases at only $2.00 @, pinch me I am in heaven.

I have one other LARGE sewing project started but I know it will turn into a whinny post if I get started on my feelings of this monster, maybe by the end of the week I will find the humor of it!!

By the way other than the pillow cases all the projects are from the 60%-70% off fabric I picked up awhile back and I walked out of class today with NO SHOPPING bags!!


  1. Love all your projects, Debby! The pillowcases dresses are such a wonderful thing to do! Lucky little girls who end up with your dresses!! :)

  2. Thanks Carla, Can't wait to finish all the pillow case dresses up and make the delivery. I read an article in our local paper about a church that took over 1,000 dresses this spring. The little girls were overwhelmed that they got to pick the dress they wanted, they had always just been handed out clothing in the past that may or may not fit. I really would like to add a cute embroidered flower to the bottom but I am afraid to start up the new machine until I have a class of two under my belt!

  3. Hi, LOVE this blog!! Hi, I'm stopping in because a) you're an exceptional sewer and b) you seem to have a good heart. Right now in Africa girls miss 9 weeks of school a year on the average because of menstruation. They need cloth pads. Here's a list of Web sites that explain how to make them and a list of organizations that donate them. http://tinyurl.com/3tlhdcc
    Thanks! Carrie

  4. Thanks for the info, I am having a time with comments on my blog, not sure how to fix the problem but I will check out the site you refer to