Saturday, July 2, 2011

Cheinlle rug is finished

Cut backing fabric 30x45 or however wide your fabric is, place face down.
Cut batting the same size and layer over the face down backing fabric
Cut top fabric the same size as batting and backing, layer on top of the batting.
Cut 3 additional pieces of fabric for the top matching the pattern on the fabric as you layer it on.
This is the tricky part to get all 4 layers of the top fabric to match up, we used straight pins in random places around the fabric to make the match then smooth the fabric until it was all flat.
Use safety pens to secure all the layers before you begin quilting, no need to baste stitch!
Mark your sandwich of fabric at a 45 degree angle using whatever marking pen you like best.
Layers should be backing fabric face down, batting, 4 layers of top fabric with the pattern matching and facing up.
Sew 1/2 inch seams to cover the entire rug, lots of mindless straight line sewing!

Cut the top 3 layers of the top fabric between each seam, be sure NOT to cut the bottom layer of your top fabric (the one directly on top of the batting!!!) Lots of mindless cutting, if you have electric scissors you will be done in a jiffy, if not expect hand cramps, at least that's what I experienced. Square up your rug just as you would do for any other quilting project. Bind the rug at this point, lots more hand work. I watched the end of the Casey Anthony trial to occupy my mind.

Here is the scary part, throw the rug in the washer then pop it in the dryer, you will be amazed at the results, home made chenille!!

Rambo man was so impressed he wants me to make a quilt just like it for him, ha, will do if you buy me a pair of electric scissors!! I took this class to learn the technique thinking I would like to make a table runner or maybe some place mats, now I can think of a ton of fun things to do.

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  1. Beautiful!! That is a LOT of cutting! I'd cry cutting into the fabric!! lol!!