Tuesday, July 26, 2011

GRRRR lost the post

First try at free motion quilting
One block done on Kara's Christmas quilt

Quilt in a bag for Daughter #2

How stinkin cute is this going to be!!

I spent a ton of time working on the weekly spending post this morning only to have the screen go blank, breath deep. I need to head out on some errands so I will try and post later today when I have more time, for now I wanted to share my first attempt at free motion quilting. I was so excited that the free motion presser foot was only $27.00, I think the lowest I have paid for feet so far has been $85.00. I did have a very small list of other things I needed to pick up, backing for Kara's quilt, shashing for a quilt for my sisters Grand, and backing for an additional Aromatherapy quilt for myself. I should never leave the house with money in my pocket!!

After feeling so smug from my frugal weekend of sewing you would have thought I would turn my nose up to any temptation, not so! Everything I purchased was for gifts with the exception of backing for an Aromatherapy quilt for our home and the material for the Halloween table runner pictured above. In all honesty I bought enough material for 2 table runners, cause they were almost out of the material and it is just so darn cute. After studying on it a bit last night I think I can stretch the leftovers to get a 3rd table runner with a different design.

My quilting goal for Christmas is to make a quilt for all 4 of our Grands and a "Charlie Brown" quilt for Rambo man. I know I won't have the time to make a quilt for each of our girls by Christmas but I was planning on having one ready for their Birthday's next year. That's the excuse I have for buying the quilt in the bag. If I could leave well enough alone the kit cost $50.00 for the top only, not a bad price but no bargain. I of course don't like the black strip shashing so I picked up a teal print from the same line to use instead. Once I dug into the kit this morning I found another fabric that is putting me off so I will have to switch it out as well, crap, more more money. I have a class on Saturday so I will pick the extra up at that time and receive 10% off for being a student, but still I coulda, shoulda done better. Still stayed under budget but not by much!!


  1. That's a great price for the free motion foot! I love your free motion quilting so far!! I have a bunch of quilts to make for Christmas too, but I'm not doing something right with my first one... :(

    I started to quilt it and by the time I got to the other side I was "short" a good almost 2" of fabric!!! :( I'm going to seam rip it out because it was skipping stitches too. Any advice/suggestions for me?

    Ps - LOVE the Halloween fabric! I'd have bought extra too!! :)

  2. Humm, did you start quilting from the middle then work to one side after that is done you work the other side. Also it's best to have 2 or 3 inches of backing and batting larger than the quilt.
    Are you using a walking foot for the quilting? or a stich in the ditch foot, my machine now has a foot that is a combo of both but at $210.00 it will be staying at the store!! check out this site, I found it last week has tons of tutorials that are really good