Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Weekly Spending

Daily canning

We have had a couple of crazy days of reorganizing life the best we can while still keeping up the daily chores. Rambo man was pulled from the project in TX Saturday only to be reassigned beginning Wednesday to Marquette, MI for 6 to 8 month's. The one thing that has Rambo man a bit taken aback is Marquette is the 5th most snowy cities in the US. Snow and cold weather are not something he enjoys to say the least!! I was sorta floored that for 6 to 8 monthes longer I will be the lone ranger, s... I need a super hero cap of my own!!!

We have agreed that the 16 to 18 hour work day I have been trying to keep up for the past year or longer needs to stop. I know it's time to let go from doing so much but it's hard to pay people to do things I know I am capable of, however he is right in pushing to let some things go. We will be hiring out the yard work starting next week. I really do enjoy working in the yard but this will free me up for more garden time. I committed to keeping the little girls full time for their first year then helping out when needed after that. Kara turned one a week ago, Karsyn will be one in October, when the school year starts back I will be cutting down to 2 days a week with the little ones. I hope to have them both on the same days but not sure it will work in the Mommies schedules. The Mom's or Dad's will also need to start bringing the little ones to me. Rambo man is right, I need to stop the picking up and delivering of babies, free childcare is one thing but taxi service is a bit to much. Sometimes you need someone to give you a little reality check, I am getting mine this week!HA We have a large home, a huge yard and a good size family one person really can't do it all for an extended length of time.

Now on to the weekly spending. I went over budget this week but I accomplished some Christmas shopping so I get a pass on being over budget. My car was finally done at the body shop, it of course needed gas, we also had to fill up the rental car before turning it in, lots of money on gas this week. With my sweet hubby headed back out of town we drove my car straight to the repair shop to have new brakes put on and whatever else needed to be done before he has to head back out. We have agreed I don't want to know what the cost is!!! Whatever it cost it is sure to be cheaper than a new car Rambo Man seems to think I need.

We are headed out this morning to enjoy breakfast with some friends then an early ride on the Harley followed by some us time. There are so many things we need to get done but our time is so short together to heck with it all, we need some down time.

Gas - $83.40

Groceries - $3.19

Eating out - $12.00

Fabric - $64.00 (gift)

Books - $32.00

Hallmark Store - $86.00

Spent $294.00 over budget by $94.00

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