Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Weekly Spending

Birthday Girl
A swim party was the perfect place to host Kara's 1st Birthday in this heat!

Traded a lady who makes Birthday number signs for a BD place mat, just blinged it up a bit with my stash, little girls need some sparkle.

I was under budget again this week, well sorta I'm not counting the new sewing machine. This being under budget is beginning to become a habit I could get use to! One of the biggies that has been keeping us under is on gas, now that I am not picking up and delivering Karsyn everyday my gas spending is half what it use to be. The downside is the smiles and giggles around here are half what they use to be, I do see all the Grands on a regular basis but it's not the same as greeting Karsyn when she wakes up from her nap with that big old smile. I am gonna give Mommy a call tonight and take her baby for at least part of the day, I know she won't put up much of a fight (that's an understatement) We are spending next to nothing at the grocery store as well, the house is so stocked up I can't even justify getting in on the coupon deals, milk and eggs are about all I will be buying for awhile.

Today was an all day quilting class using different quilt blocks to make a table runner, it's turning out cute. I of course couldn't just go with what the instructor made up I needed to add a few more quilt blocks. Our table is 41 x 67 without the leaf in, the size we were doing in class would have looked like a pot holder on my table. If I can cool off a bit, get the picking in the garden done put away the canning from last night I will try and get caught up on posting. I stayed up till 1:00AM talking to a friend while I canned tomatoes last night, what was I thinking!! It was good to chat with your Jackie!! Miss you guys so much, just think of the trouble we could get into with both of our machines going.

Groceries - $5.49

Gas - 42.60

Sewing Classes - $50.00

Pillow cases - $12.00

Eating out - $5.45

Total spendt $110.09, under budget by $90.00


  1. Sounds lie it was a wonderful party & I bet she was spoiled!! ;) Great job on the budget this week! Awesome! :) I'm looking forward in seeing your table runner! Be sure to post pics when it's done please!

  2. I have two in the making, hope to post tonight after I get the garden watered, over 100 degrees today!