Wednesday, July 6, 2011

It's a BOY!!

Can you see the tacky Owl in the middle of the tomato patch?
He not only is tacky but pretty scary looking as well, he is getting the job done so I love him!

Today's haul from the garden

Turns out Baby GaGa is going to be a baby Bubba! Tyler seems pretty pleased that he is going to have a little brother, well see how that works out when he has to share his Papaw, right now the little girls are no competition but another boy could be a different story.

The ugly tacky Owl that Rambo man put in the tomato patch really is working. Stupid squirrels haven't ventured back in so we are now getting enough tomatoes to start canning, finally!! My job while Rambo man is out of town is to move the owl every day or two to a different part of the tomato patch to keep the squirrels off guard, hey as long as it works I am all in.
As you can see by today's haul we are not able to eat up everything we are bringing in. This is a pretty typical load every day now. Here is what I am doing with the extras to put back for this fall and winter.

Yellow squash - Dehydrator

Bell Peppers - Dehydrator

Jalapeno peppers - Dehydrator tomorrow morning
Zucchini - shredded then frozen and vacuum packed

Cucumbers - will be bread and butter pickles in the AM, I ran out of turmeric tonight :(

Tomatoes - will be canned tomorrow PM

I have to work around the schedules of the little girls comings and goings, when they nap I am able to get a little of this or that done but NO CANNING. The large burners on our stove are in the front, sometimes the water will boil over a bit. No way no how will I take a chance with hot water and jars around when the little ones are here. If the cucumbers will keep up at this pace we will have all we need to can without supplementing from the local farm this year. Same thing with the tomatoes, now that would be a dream come true. We always have more zucchini and squash than we can possible use up in a year along with green peppers and jalapenos. I spoke to the director of our local soup kitchen and she would love to take whatever we have leftover off our hands, that's a double bonus in our book!
It's too early to tell what will go on with the golden Yukon potato's, sweet potatoes, carrots, celery, butternut squash, watermelon and eggplant, I figure a little is better than nothing. I just got the okra seeds planted this weekend but that stuff grows like a weed down south, we will be overrun in okra within a month.


  1. He's not so bad!! lol! I was expecting SUPER tacky! lol!! I'm jealous of your garden goodies! I really wish we were closer, you know how to do soo many things I really want to earn to do! :)

    Congrats on the (soon to be) new grandson! Looks like you'll get to sew with some different colours now! ;)