Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Pearl is a Trooper

23 Super Hero capes are ready for Tyler's party
Decided to finish the ugly dress from a few months ago, not so bad after all

Pearl and I stayed in today the exception of course was to pick from the garden and overlook the weeds, it's to hot to worry with weeds. I did have to run out tonight when I realized we were out of milk, it was 89 degrees at 11:00pm. It's just hot.

Before I will let myself start the Aromatherapy quilt I needed to get a few more things finished up. I don't think Pearl was expecting her first fashion item to be super hero capes but she hung with me she such a trooper. First was getting Tyler's super hero capes ready for his upcoming party.. check. I was sick of seeing the ugly dress I started back in March or April just laying around. I tried it on after it was finished, not what I wanted but it will do for the beach.. check. Three table runners were waiting to be quilted and bound, got the quilting done just need to add the binding in the morning..almost check. There are a few more things lined up to finish but they are all for Christmas so I am putting them on hold until I get a handle on the new quilt. I do believe I will be able to get started tomorrow for a few hours before I have Kara in the afternoon.

I think my pity party is over for now, thank goodness!! I hate to be a whinner.

Are you having the same heat wave we are experiencing? What are you doing to stay cool? I have the air set at 75, all the ceiling fans running and wearing the lightest weight sleeveless dresses in the closet. This is the perfect time of year to get a jump on some of the holiday gift making, it's to hot to do anything else!!

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  1. Love the sweet capes! Lucky kids!! I think the dress would look great with a little black cardigan/shawl over it!:)