Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Play Date

Beach Blanket is pieced, turned out to be 70in X 90in
Let the quilting begin
Rambo man's new ice cream maker

I decided to make today my play date day. No special reason other than I need to stay off my leg and I had the house all to myself, seemed like a good time to finish piecing our beach quilt. Why is it some days it all comes together and other days not so much, the seam ripper and I were one today! After a frustrating morning of ripping out seams I finished it up in time to set down with some yummy leftovers from the 4th cookout only to see that the verdict was in on the Casey Anthony trial.

My heart breaks for that poor little baby who will never see justice done for her murder. I know she is in heaven with our Father who is holding her in his loving arms the way all children should be here on earth, he is the only one who could possible explain to that poor innocent baby why her Mother got away with murder. Our country should be ashamed at the outcome of this trial, why do we make celebrities out of some of the most undesirable evil people?

I had no intention of working on the beach quilt the rest of the day but I had to keep my mind on something else other than the anger and sorrow I felt. After getting the backing, diaper fabric (didn't want to use batting but it needed a little something) and top lined up I got busy with the mindless pinning so I can get to some mindless quilting for the next few days.

Yesterday Rambo man and I made the mistake of going over to Williams Sonoma to just LOOK at ice cream makers. Our hand crank model had rusted out and we couldn't get any replacement parts. With the kids all gone from home we don't have any cheap labor around to help out with the churning so we decided to go with an electric model that we will get a lot more use out of. He decided on the Cuisinart Supreme model that was on sale $150.00 off, the price was still way more than I expected we would be spending but as long as we pay cash, it fits in our spending plan and we are still making our savings goals I can live with it. Now I need to find a convenient place in the kitchen to put the monster that must weight 50 pounds.

I have Karsyn tomorrow while Mom and Dad check out some daycare/pre-schools closer to Mom's new school and the new house they bought last year. In the afternoon they will be headed to the Dr. for an ultrasound to find out if we will be getting a baby boy or girl in December!! My prayer tonight is that someday all babies will be loved and wanted and seen for what they really are, a gift from God that we should never take for granted.


  1. The quilt is super cute!! I got the front of Myas Doea quilt done as well! :) I et homemade ice cream is wonderful! It can be done in my Vitamix... I really should try for the kids!! :)

    Amen! to your prayer. She's a disgusting excuse for a "mother"!! Very sad day today, indeed. :(

  2. Congrats on the quilt top! I like to put the tops together, don't even mind cutting out but the quilting is the part that I strugle with. It takes so much time and space, my shoulder begin to stiffen up, I need to figure out a better set up for the quilting part. I am going to play around for some ice cream sorta things for the grands, we don't like to give them sugar or preservitives. I am thinking a fruit smoothly sort of thing using fresh fruit, a little formula and maybe ice