Thursday, July 28, 2011

Taking a break

I was up until 1:30 AM canning tomatoes last night. Hit the floor at 7:00AM this morning dreading to face the pile of cucumbers that I had to turn into more pickles. Maybe a shower first would get my motor running, no such luck, the job looked even bigger. I called the soup kitchen to see if they could use more fresh veggie, they were so excited to have more. Decided to clean out the garden before I made the delivery, the temp was close to 100 already. Job done now back to the air conditioner to wash everything up then make the delivery. Somehow as I was shutting the back door I hit the lock, yep locked out of the house in 100 degree heat, went to 3 different neighbors houses, nobody was home :( After 2 hours of trying to break into the house I made it. Dripping in sweat and water where I had hosed myself down numerous times, decided another shower was necessary.
I finally made it to the soup kitchen at 12:30 just as they had started serving lunch. I have been to the center many times but always on off hours as the volunteers were preparing for the days meals or after when they were cleaning up. I was so surprised at the number of people that were there for a meal, must have been at least 100. The vast majority of them were elderly, many had small children that they had custody of. The atmosphere was jolly with lots of hugs and laughter as another person would come in. Each guest was greeted at the door by a volunteer who insured that they felt welcomed and wanted. What a happy sad place.... happy to see that so many in our community had a place to receive a meal were they were treated with respect, dignity and a hug. Sad that we have so many elderly in our community that can't afford one of the basic necessity's, food. As a country we can and should do more but thank God for people who are there with loving hearts and open arms to greet our poor and elderly. Some of the men in line wanted to know what I had in my bags. I told then what all I had pulled from the garden,. They were so darn cute, yelling into the ladies in the kitchen that there had better be some fried squash and fresh maters on the table tomorrow. It was a win win day, no canning for me and people who needed and appreciated real food will enjoy what I soooo dreaded dealing with today.
Here is a short video of Kara chatting with her Daddy when he canme to pick her up, you might now understand why I enjoy my quite time!!


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  1. Sounds like a rough morning! :( Ugh!

    That was so nice of you to bring your extra "bounty" to the soup kitchen! You're one of the wonderful people that others thank God for... Just so you know!! ;)