Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Busy Day

Kara's Christmas quilt is finished
Doesn't this look like a Barbie doll torso and legs?

We really and truly we had a peach, stupid squirrels

So excited to be done with the free motion quilting!! I still need to do top stitching on the puffy quilt squares but that will take no time in the morning. Unless you are a seasoned quilter you could never tell this is my first try doing this cool trick, as far as I know Kara hasn't taken up quilting she just likes to pick up the little threads I leave behind and eat them so she will never know Nanny practiced on her quilt! HA

I did a round of canning tomatoes this morning along with a load in the dehydrator then an additional 2 loads of tomatoes in the canner tonight once the sun went down. It has been a very long day.

Tomorrow will be an early morning of canning and more dehydrating, if I can stay on track I think I will have the refrigerator cleaned out for at least a day. I didn't even venture out to the garden tonight I honestly couldn't bear the thought that I would have to clean more baskets of veggies. As soon as the canning is done in the morning I will clean out the garden again then haul it all over to the soup kitchen, I NEED a break from it all besides the fact I have Kara for the next 2 days then an 8 hour class on Saturday to learn how to at least turn on the embroidery machine. I don't want all the veggies setting around until Sunday when I will have the time to deal with them. I shouldn't complain it really is a good problem to have so I will share all that comes in until next week at least. I have no idea how in the world my Grandmother could do it all. I mean really, I have an air conditioned house with ceiling fans on high during the entire process, state of the art stove and every kitchen gadget on the market and I can hardly drag my butt up the stairs at the end of the day. What is wrong with my generation that we have turned into such wimps?

Next on the line up for sewing is the aromatherapy quilt, I will do traditional straight line quilting for everything except the border that I will do free motion on. I would love to have everything done so I can do the handwork on the binding while at the beach resting. I have been doing all machine sewn binding on the grands quilts, figured the seams needed to be good and sturdy to hold up to the little hands.
Please Lord let the zucchini sleep tonight they really shouldn't grow night and day, it's just not normal.

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  1. Some days are just crazy busy & you're so right... We have so many wonderful conveniences to help us along through our days & yet most days not everything gets crossed off my "to do" list!