Friday, July 15, 2011

Meet Pearl

Miss Pearl my BFF

Kara's dress

Reverse side

I'd like to introduce you to Pearl, my new creative BFF. Pearl doesn't have much between the shoulders as far as brain's but that's cool, I won't have to worry about our opinions clashing. She is strong and steady as a rock (made of rod iron) we all need friends like that. Her tiny waistline could be a problem if you are a little insecure which I am not, some family's just have good genes I can't hold that against her. I ran into Pearl last weekend when I was scoring a deal on pillow cases for the charity dresses headed to Haiti but I stopped myself from spontaneous spending. After kicking the idea around this week I decided to take some of my surplus cash from our weekly spending and give Pearl a home where she will be appreciated and decked out in some home made threads (all in due time), she was on clearance for $49.95, I think that is a bargain for a super cute gal like Pearl. They also have Pearls little sister that looks to be around 5 years old, I hate to break up the family but the little girl was the same price as Pearl, not such a good deal for 1/2 a woman. If the little one goes down in price she will have a home for sure. Now before I go any farther with my imaginary friend let me be clear, Pearl was a want not a need!! The only way I would spend money on an imaginary friend is when we have excess money after our needs are meet and the savings is tucked in the bank.
The dress pictured is for Kara, the one we made in class last night was for Karsyn. Kara's dress came together in less than 3 hours thankfully!! I cut out 2 more tonight with the leftover fabric, I already have in mind a sweet little girl one of them will be going to, the other I'm not sure about yet.
Tomorrow I will be meeting Daughter #1 for some Christmas shopping, I have some great coupons and rewards dollars for the Hallmark Christmas Premier that runs Saturday and Sunday only. I think I can pick up what is on my list from the last few weeks surplus weekly spending budget, if not then I can always use funds from our Christmas stash but I am behind on funding for Christmas so I would like to hold onto what we have. It's off to bed for me with sugar plums dancing in my head!!


  1. lol!! Loved this post! And the dress is super cute!!! I really want to make a dress for my girls...I'll have to find a pattern & just jump in I suppose!! ;)

  2. check out she has some cute user friendly patterns. The dresses I made the girls will work for this year as dresses and next year as maybe tops if they start getting long legged on us, the straps are just ties so they have a lot of room to grow