Sunday, July 3, 2011

Fell off the wagon

Karsyn at her first 4th of July fireworks show, check out her crown!

I was kickin butt on the week of no spending until today, I fell off the wagon big time. Sometimes life throws you a curve ball and you just gotta go with the pitch. Rambo man will be headed out of town unexpectedly next week, of course he has to have new tennis shoes so off we went, found what he wanted on sale. Kara's 1st Birthday is next Saturday, I planned on waiting until later in the week to shop but Papaw needs to be a part of the gift even if he won't be able to make the party, more spending but on sale thank goodness. Then off to the grocery store, we needed milk but the sales and coupons really were too good to pass up so we went for broke spent $87.00 but saved $117.00. We picked up all the fixins for Kara's first Birthday swim/cookout party, lots of snack stuff for our upcoming beach trip and a few cases of water. The spending won't end there, we still need to go by the farmers and pick up corn on the cob tomorrow for our 4th of July cookout. With my sweet hubby out of town for awhile I know I can stash a little extra cash, I just gotta dust off and start again. Have you tried to go a week with no spending? For the most part I know I can do it but Birthday week and a National holiday was not a good time to try!! We will still be under budget for the week so all is well.

Rambo man is working hard to knock a few more things off the long list of things we need to get done around the garden and yard before he heads back out of town. It seems to be an never ending process keeping the garden in shape and adding new plants when the old ones are finished. One of our problem areas was the raised beds, we couldn't keep AJ the hound dog out from digging every now and then. Hubby decided to extend the fencing to include the raised beds as well as the regular garden. He also finished up Tyler's garden so its ready for him to plant tomorrow during our 4th celebration. To top off his list he added a plastic owl on a post that is said to keep the squirrels away from the garden, we can't keep the buggers out of the tomato's. Since installing the tacky owl we are bringing in 6 to 8 tomatoes a day now so maybe it really does work. I might just be canning tomatoes sooner than I thought I could, Yepee!!

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  1. Look at that little chubby bundle of baby!! Sooo sweet! I hardly even noticed your spending amounts.... ;) lol! Tomorrow is a new day!

    Ps - I gotta see this "tacky owl"!! lol!