Tuesday, July 19, 2011


6 little girls dress ready for Haiti
Quilted table runner is done

This was a way fun project, I like it even more now that it is done and ready for the linen closet, fall will be here before we know it.

We had a pretty restful day. Had an early morning Harley ride followed with breakfast out, picked up my car then headed home for the day. The heat is on high in the south right now, looks like most of the country is in on the latest heat wave, it was just to darn hot to even be out on the bike after 11:00. I was able to finish up the dresses for Haiti in the comfort of air conditioning along with all the ceiling fans on high, finished the hand work on the fall table runner as well. I would love to finish up all the little projects setting around waiting for attention before tackling the in lieu of quilt. I have enough leftovers from supper that I won't have to cook for 2 more days so its sewing and garden only for at least 24 hours. Rambo man is headed out in the morning, we made an effort to just be.... for the short period of time he was home. We are both sick to death of cramming in 101 things to do in our brief time together. I am feeling cranking with the constant out of state projects, then guilting for being cranking when so many people would love to have the opportunity to have a job no matter where they would have to go. I plan on hanging at the house tomorrow with my BFF Pearl together we should be able to lift this yucky mood.

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  1. More beautiful sewing projects!! I really need to get back to my sewing! I've been so busy with the girls, I haven't had any "me" time lately! :(