Saturday, November 23, 2013

Another Exciting Friday Night. Not!!

Kara mixing her little heart out
Kara and I decided to give DD#1 a surprise dinner tonight to celebrate her first week back at work. We had to work quickly as we were going over to help with Karsyn and Mason at noon. Brownies, corn muffins, wild rice, along with chicken and spices to throw Herbed Chicken in DD's crock pot. I love seeing how excited the grands get knowing they are part of a RAK. I wonder if things like this are what help develop the "Heart of a Giver"?

Typical day, busy, crazy, exhausting, but oh so blessed to have the time with these little guys

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  1. What does RAK stand for? And yes, i believe you are helping to build a giving heart and spirit in your grands - it always feels GOOD to do things for others as Kara is learning:)