Friday, November 1, 2013

Busy, Busy, Busy

 While waiting for the the family room ceiling to dry I knocked out the downstairs hallway. Still need to go back and paint the trim, all in good time.
 Last wall of the family room was put back together before moving on to the next "To Do"
 The breakfast room. It's been 10 years since this wallpaper went up and it shows. While I do like the shabby chic look, this wall paper has become..... just shabby.
 I started out STRONG..... but then real life caught up with me
 No way was I gonna strip wallpaper and miss out on Halloween with the grands. Mason man was big sisters sidekick by being the "Lion" from the Wizard of Oz. Notice waht a gentelman he is by even carrying "Dorthy's basket
 Dorthy (Karsyn) looks so grown up. They need to slow down!
 Kara as always was going a mile a minute but looking oh so cute as a girlie Zebra
 The toddlers were happy to share their loot with Kody our grand dog
Iron Man (Tyler) as always was looking out for his baby brother willing to share his own bounty.

As of 3:30 today I have been on the sofa with AJ the beagle. After all these home improvements of the past week, a night with the grands Trick or Treating, a full day with the little girls, and a nasty stomach bug while trying to keep my eye on the girls I am DONE!!!

I now know the official age that little kids find gross things interesting, it is three years old. The little girls were quite entertained by my suffering from the BUG.  No need to fear what they might get into while I was doing the bug thing, they were on my heels at every sprint to the powder room. Kara had the nerve at one point to tell ME to move "I can no see Nanny". Holy cow this brought back memories of  the old days when our own girls were wee ones. There is no doubt that I picked up the bug from one of the goblin's running around DD's last night. The next thing to look forward to is a terrible cold all 4 grands have or maybe strip throat that 3 have, oh happy days!! Ha

I can tell you I was one happy Nanny when DD#3 picked the little girls up after work. The front door was double locked! Tomorrow is a new day. I am thinking this might be just a 24 hour bug. Please Lord don't let the kiddo's come down with it. I have Kara again tomorrow, I don't find the results of a bug interesting or entertaining.

I think I have enough water and crackers in the old body to make it over night. I have wallpaper to take down, no time for this crap!!


  1. YIKES ! hope you get better real soon x

  2. You are soooo needed at our house...we are out of your energy!!!