Saturday, November 16, 2013

Before and After

Remember this before photo?  Giving the Living room a face lift was on my To Do list but way down on the list!! That is until DD#1 friend wanted to unload what she called her "divorce" couch and love seat. After LOTS of moving furniture to new homes, 5 days of painting, decluttering, organizing, sewing, and a small amount of spending our new living room is nothing like the old.
 Clean, hip and more importantly DONE
This room turned out so cozy I just want to curl up with a book, chocolate, and the new throw on the ottoman
The rest of the house might be a mess (it really is) but so worth it to have yet another room makeover!! That's it, I'm done, no more makeovers until after the holiday's!! I am so far behind on things that must be accomplished with only one week to get it all together.
Whats the damage to the budget?
Couch, love seat, and ottoman - FREE
Paint - $30.00
Lampshades - $28.00
Throw - $12.99
Drapes - $60.00
Pillows - recycled using what we had, recovered with leftover drapery fabric
Lamps - free, gotta love spray paint
Rug - $215.00
Total spent - $346.00
One last thing to be added in the living room is artwork on the main wall. That will be happening after Christmas!! Shhh, don't tell its a gift for someone special.
Tomorrow I will unload (give away) the rest of the old stuff from the living room. Our DD's will get the first pickins of the loot, then a few friends, after that whatever is leftover will be donated.
I really should stay up late tonight to try and get started on some of the mess all around the house but my rump is dragging. Along with getting the house back in order I MUST complete a commission Tee shirt quilt before Thanksgiving, UGH I sew hate making Tee shirt quilts but it will be nice to add a little extra money to my Christmas account.
I need a STAFF. No really I do. Have you ever watched the TV showes where decoraters come in and do a whole house makeover in like a week? Give me a break!! I can't even get an estimate for work to be done in a week! Ha  Those decoraters run around the place looking like a million dollars, not a hair out of place. Me....a pair of ratty shorts that can't be seem in public, one of hubby's old tee's, and of course his undies covering my silver locks. Ho Hum, they must live a boring life.
Off for some badly needed shut eye so I will be ready to hit it hard and heavy in the morning


  1. Your room looks terrific!!! Beautifully put together! You should be proud of what you can accomplish!!!


  2. Looks fab Debby, you have done a great job.

  3. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the new living room "do over" ! xx

  4. Very nice! I love the rug and the pillows that match your drapes. Well done!