Friday, November 29, 2013

Light Em Up

Happy Late Thanksgiving!!! Hope everyone had a wonderful day with their families eating like little piggy pig pigs. We had a houseful with 16 for dinner, everyone behaved nicely that was over the age of three! Ha The grands were a bit high strung as the weather has been so cold none of them have been able to run off all that energy.

This week has be busy, crazy, wonderful with hubby arriving home Sunday just in time for family dinner. We have been non stop since he walked in the door. Today will be no different, breakfast out with hubby's Sister, BIL, and Kara. This afternoon Mason mans 2nd Birthday party followed by what I am sure will be everyone over to polish off the leftovers. They better be ready to eat it ALL up as I sure don't want to throw out one single bite of all this wonderful food!!

My turn in the shower before we are off but I wanted to share the link below to kick of the Christmas season. DD#1 and her friends are each picking 5 things from the list on this link to do over the holiday with their kiddo's. So many cute and sweet idea's that don't cost a whole lot but will help the children learn about giving. Check it out

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