Saturday, November 30, 2013

Decking the Halls

 We are making a change in traditions this year with hubby out of town. Instead of a fresh tree in the family room I put up the artificial tree we normally use in the living room. While it's not what we are use too, once I hung our family ornaments from over the years it will "Make Do" just fine. The clean up after Christmas will be so much easier!
 Roll Tide, what a game this is tonight!!
 Hubby's Sister and BIL gifted us a new Bama ornament from their many travels this year
 My kitchen tree is all set for some holiday baking.
 With all the activities of this past week we didn't have time to buy our 2013 ornament yet. One of the many things added to my errand list for next week.
 Most of our stockings are hung. I sew need to get the little girls stockings finished this year!! I am using an old stocking from our first dog for Mason until I can get his complete. His kit hasn't even been opened yet.
As you can see I am no where near done!! The kitchen as always is where the action begins no matter what the project.

How in the world have I accomplished so much already today you ask? Hubby and I were up at 5:00AM preparing to meet up with family and friends for a end of Thanksgiving farewell breakfast at 6:00AM sharp. What the heck since I was up anyway I figured I would get a good start then work in a nice long nap in the early afternoon.

That plan went right out the window once the Ohio State/Michigan game started. Wow what a game, other than the terrible sportsmanship from a few of the players. If the coaches are any kind of coaches those young men will be sitting out the rest of the season. Bama/Auburn game is on now, NO NAPPING during this barn burner. Followed by South Carolina/Clemson tonight. Maybe I can sleep in tomorrow!! Ha

I am not putting all of the tree's up this year since hubby won't be home for most of the season. The Christmas village as well will stay packed up. Until the toddlers are a bit older there is no point in putting yet more hard not to touch pretty's out. I am still having to lug in all of the tubs and boxes to pick and chose what we will use this year, what a mess!

Anyone else getting your home decorated over this long weekend? I would rather run a marathon than get out in the crazy crowds to shop. Leftovers, football, and decorating is all I need today!


  1. SOO pretty..not so sure I am up to this much this year but the outside is done.

  2. I did not know you were Bama fans, that was quite a game but I guess you all did not like the ending.
    No decorating here yet, I am still putting away and cleaning up Thanksgiving, I have enjoyed the Thankful pennant banner from you so much and don't really want to take it down.

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