Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Back to Reality

A rare photo of the little girls laying down on our Mt. trip
Who knew Mason man would be such a pool shark
A trip to "The Christmas Place" with a stop off at the train
The little ones loved all of the Christmas decorations
They could watch trains all day long

Then it was on to the BIG surprise!!  Opening gifts of PJ's, Christmas sippy cups, popcorn, hot chocolate, and best of all tickets to the "Polar Express Train"
All of the grands had a blast at the train museum before the "Polar Express" ride but Mason was over the top excited by every single display

We drank hot chocolate while we headed to the North Pole

Followed by Christmas carols. As you can see Mason was INTO IT!! He sang along "La, la, la, la" all the way
 Santa himself showed up
Giving each boy and girl a Christmas bell
Oh ya, and cookies as big as your head
Holy cow am I ever happy to be home!!! Nothing better than being back in your own bed snuggled up with AJ the beagle on a cold morning. Not that we didn't love having all of the grands pile into our bed in the mornings at the cabin but there is something to be said for QUITE!!! Ha.
It's official, our holiday season has begun. Every year our family Mt trip gets us all in the mood to start decking the halls and singing Christmas carols. I will have to hold off on the decking of the halls for a bit as it's hard to decorate around paint cans and furniture scattered around the house.
While on vacation DD#1 had a neighbor text her who needed to get rid of a living room suite, any takers? Hummm, I had a new sofa for the living room on my wish list for updating but that was going to have to wait until the spring as the money tree is just about bare. Free... now that I can afford!!

 After packing the car, doing all the cabin clean up before we turned in the key, driving home, unloading the car, laundry, pick up AJ the beagle, sort the mail......SIL#2 came by after work to take our old sofa to goodwill. At what age should you be before you give up loading and unloading furniture? Hummm  SIL#2 returned  a short time later with the free sofa, love seat, and ottoman, more lifting of furniture :(  I now have a living room FULL of furniture that won't all fit. Today's job....decide what must go and what can stay of course that means more lifting of furniture, sigh

I really, truly, should get out of this warm bed and get my butt in gear but it is so nice to have some down time I might just linger a little longer


  1. All of this fun will definitely put one in a Christmas mood:) The grandkids are getting so big!!

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