Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Christmas Kick Off

 Last night I was up and down with leg cramps after walking around the "Southern Christmas Show". Ouch!!
 I love looking at all the decorations and interesting new things people are making. One vendor had the cutest things made with old silverware, I was soo tempted!!
 Looking at the different set ups and seeing who won first place is another must do
 How cute is this cupcake Christmas tree put together by one of the sororities.
 Since I only have the binding to finish on the tee shirt quilt I switched gears so I could get the little girls Thanksgiving tees made.
Up next will be there Christmas tee's. There are so many cute tee shirt ideas floating around cyber space it's hard to pick which ones to do. BTW while at the show we stopped by several little girl vender's selling all things girly. The going rate for a holiday shirt this year was $38.00. Holy cow!! That is just way too much to pay for any tee shirt no matter how cute.

We were unable to hook up with the DD's at the Christmas show as they closed early last night :(
Thankfully I was able to give them the heads up before they fought the rush hour traffic to attend! We too had to rush around like crazy to get it all in but it was nice that the crowds were thin enough that we could enjoy seeing what all was on display.

Not having the DD's kept my spending to a bare minimum!! A few hair bows for the little girls, a new key fob for DD#1 along with a badge holder thingy was it. I don't think that I have shared yet that DD#1 has returned to the classroom full time. An opportunity came up that was to good to pass up, she had planned on going back to the classroom next fall but plans have a way of changing.

DD had been interviewing professional Nanny's to be at home with the little ones and get Tyler on and off the bus each day with no luck at all. It's hard to believe people think you won't check their references, good Lord they were awful!! Just as we were all scrambling to see how we could cover childcare without me having to do it all full time at her house knowing we have another one on the way God stepped in!! A dear friend of DD's had just lost her job. Her friend had always worked from home so she had the flexibility to be with her own boys who are now school age. She dreaded having to go out to work knowing she wouldn't be able to attend special things at school, sports and all that her boys are involved in. DD#1 never even though of asking her if she would be interest in watching our little ones but then it happened. At the bus stop on the last day before a decision had to be made her friend approached her with the idea. OH HAPPY DAY!!!

As much as I wanted to help out full time again I knew it was more than I could do. Four little ones under the age of 4, need I say more. Getting Tyler to and from the bus stop with that gaggle of toddlers,  driving Karsyn to and from pre school, 4 car seats in my much smaller SUV. I just didn't know how long I would hold out but traditional day care was out of the question. Having Ms "B" full time is an answer to all of our prayers! She and I will tag team the little buggers when Ms "B" needs to do things with her own boys, vacations and such. Karsyn and Mason have known her since the day they came into the world and they love her, aww

DD#1 told me this morning when she arrived Karsyn answered the door yelling out "Ms. B is home" already Ms B is part of the family. Gotta get busy as a beaver today as I have Kara for the afternoon then the rest of the week. As always there is Sew much to do

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  1. Its really good your daughter has a friend she can trust with the little ones!!

    Glad you enjoyed visiting that christmas show! Alot of goodies I'm sure!!!