Monday, November 25, 2013

Holiday Doings

 Kara is turning into a regular in the kitchen these days. Here she is mixing the sauce for Chex Mix, a fall family favorite for watching all the upcoming Christmas specials and movies.
 One of the many pleasures of having a double oven is we can make 4 batches of just about anything at one time, Love that.
 This a whole heck of a lot of chex mix. A container for hubby to take back to TX, one for home, and of course one to share with the big girls families.
 Chocolate covered peanuts for Thanksgiving, hubby's "To Go" box and a bit for gift giving.
Over the weekend Kara and I stocked up on some super sales at the grocery. Butter BOGO, Turkey for Christmas dinner, garbage bags BOGO, graham cracker crumbs BOGO, ditto on dog food. The biggest score of all was level (2) diapers for $4.00 @. We bought 10 packages!!! A savings of $100.00!!!! Remember we have another Grand in the oven, diapers won't go bad!

Our grocery store haul total was $110.78. Savings...drum roll please.... $152.20. Gotta love a deal like that!

Did you think I had dropped off the face of the Earth? Na, just so busy getting this holiday cheer pulled together that I haven't had the time or energy to sit down for more that five minutes without falling asleep.

Hubby arrived home Sunday evening just in time to celebrate SIL#2's Birthday dinner. The Grands were crazy excited when he walked in the door. Oh how they love Papaw (said with a French accent) Along with cooking, baking, and cleaning I have been trying to jump on some of the pre Black Friday sales. The big kids turned in their list at Sunday dinner, money and GC seem to be the theme this year, works for me!

I had a question of what does RAK stand for? It's short for "Random Acts of Kindness" One of our favorite things to do all year long but during the holiday's we all kick it up a bunch! I will try to share some of our favorite charities/ideas sometime this week. No promise as to which day, things are super busy this week. Tomorrow hubby has to renew his drivers licence, inspect the truck, then we are off to enjoy Karsyn's Thanksgiving program at pre school followed by an afternoon with the little girls. See what I mean, its a full day each and every day.

But tonight we are enjoying some down time with cookies and tea (or beer for some) watching "Celtic Woman" Home For Christmas. Talk about voices of Angels!!


  1. Hi, I'm glad your hubby is home for awhile. Great score on the diapers!
    I just got a new range and it is double oven too, just in time for Thanksgiving. I did not know you have one or I would of asked how you like it. .

  2. Oh man what savings ! Love those kinds of concerts..they do sing like Angels.

  3. Great savings!! I miss those programs with the kids! My last child(son) graduated 2 yrs ago from HS. But now my kids 24 and 19 will put on a special concert for me. Song and dance thing. They are spontaneous so unfortunately I can"t get it on video. Oh the memories!!

    Have yourself a wonderful thanksgiving with your family!