Thursday, November 14, 2013

Sewing, Painting, and Merry Making

 While waiting for coats of paint to dry I worked on the new drapes for the Living room. After cutting each panel in half lengthwise and hemming I added tabs to the back of the panels
 Maybe a bit easier to see the tabs in this photo. The drapes look pleated using this trick but sew much easier to do than traditional pleating
 First wall is done, everything back in place, and the new curtains are hung. It took longer to load and unload the curio cabinet than it did to paint the room! Ha BTW I HATE the curio cabinet but hubby had it custom made when he was working in Indonesia so I can't put it to the curb :(
On to the third wall, looks like this won't be a one day project after all. Might as well do it up right so I am painting the moldings along with the walls. This saving money by doing the labor yourself is VERY over rated! Ha

Now that the sun has gone down for the day I have called it quits in the living room. Trying to paint with just lamps is for the birds, no need to strain my eyes as well as the muscles! The process will be slow but sure for the next few days as I have Kara tomorrow along will all three toddlers on Friday. I have high hopes that I can do a little painting in the late afternoon once the house is cleared of the rug rats. Tonight's project is to clean up the mess I have made all over the downstairs before little hands arrive in the morning. Hope to sort the pictures I have taken down as well, I know many if not most won't work in the new room. sigh... I have an idea in my head for a collage above the sofa I want to do for hubby but I need to work the numbers, right now it seems to be costly.

Anyone else crazy enough to try and squeeze in home improvements this close to the holiday season? What the heck was I thinking?


  1. I am crazier... we put our house up for sale last week! Angela

  2. LOL- Yep - I am that crazy. I am going to try to get my laundry room torn apart and painted. Love your curtains, Debby. xo Diana

  3. Hi Debby!! Yes, we are going great guns around our house, getting it ready to sell before moving to PEI. We had new carpet put in upstairs and just finished with hardwood on the main floor. Next up is ceramic tile for the bathrooms, foyer and kitchen. And I'm still teaching full-time so Michael is doing all of the grunt work, with help from his son and a friend. Everything is in an uproar - I feel like I'm camping out!