Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Unplanned Facelift

Our Living room before photo
A VERY small makeover in our living room over the winter or maybe the spring once I got our savings back in a better place was on my To Do list but.......How could I pass up a FREE sofa, love seat, and ottoman? While the style of the new furniture is not something I would have paid real money for it is SO COMFY it makes up on the style deal.
I had planned on replacing only our sofa with a much smaller neutral color one. A fresh coat of paint and window treatments as well and call it good. Instead there has been and will be a whole lot of moving of furniture around in the house as well as finding a new home for a few pieces. Every joint in my body is sore people!!!
While out and about with DD#1 yesterday morning getting gifts for the "Christmas Shoe Box" project for Karsyns pre school I ran into what I think (hope) I like for window treatments/pillow covers. What the heck might as well hit the "HomeGoods" store to see if they had any good prices on cutrian rods. Ya they did $12.99 each.
 The SUPER saver was at the home improvement store on 2 gallons of paint. The poor lady helping me was having a time mixing the paint, no matter what she did the durn paint just wasn't mixing right. She tried both mixer machines with very little luck, there was still some dye floating around on top. She finally mixed the old fashion way with a wooded paint stick and gave them two more spins in the machine. Everything looked fine by me but she marked the cans down from $38.00 to $15.00 each for my time and trouble. WOOHOO, it was meant to be!!
After DD#1 helped me get the pictures in the breakfast room back on the walls as I STINK at hanging pictures straight I got right on painting the trim in the entrance hall along with SEVEN doors. It was a very long afternoon and night.
Today is the living room. I unloaded the curio cabinet while AJ the beagle had her early morning run and breakfast, covered and moved all of the furniture away from one wall. As soon as the sun comes up I will hit that room like a wild woman. I SOOO need to finish the painting in there today as I will have Kara for the rest of the week starting bright and early in the morning.
The more I do the more I am seeing that needs to be done. I feel like the lady in the Swifter commercial who says to her hubby "Morty I have been living in a fools paradise". Love that couple and the cute commercials they have been doing. Time to slip hubby's undies on my head and get r done

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  1. Yippee on free furniture and discount paint. I am in awe of all your physical labor