Friday, November 22, 2013

Some Finishes

 The drapes I repurposed for DD last week were 10 inches to short :( Measuring first would have been a good idea. Hopefully adding a 10 inch band to the bottom will work!
 Got the binding on the tee shirt quilt, she is ready to go to her new home.
 Do you think we have enough leaves? Hubby will have his hands full when he arrives home. Kara had a blast running around on pathes I made for her today
 Another finish. A fall table runner for the grands new sitter. Figured she should get something extra for her first week with our babies
 Along with all these finishes Kara and I got started on cookies for Papaw and the freezer. Some messy memory making for sure.
This is one proud gal
I do believe today will be an easier day as yesterday was a real Nanny buster. After a LONG day of doing's DD#1 had one of those dreaded in home parties I had to attend. Turned out the party wasn't so bad after all, our DD's picked out Christmas gifts for themselves and the ladies who attended were a fun bunch. A fun night and Christmas shopping to boot isn't such a bad thing. My problem is now that it's dark by 5:00 I don't want to leave the house!
Kara and I get to have some play time with Karsyn and Mason today as the sitter needs to do an errand. I have been missing those rug rats this week. Once back home we are going to work on another double batch of cookies and maybe a winter tee for the little girls. My evening needs to be devoted to house cleaning! So many piles of stuff, so little time or energy to do what needs to be done especially once the sun goes down.
We hope to get most of our Christmas shopping done next week while hubby is in town. I am thinking it will be mostly GC and cash for the big kiddo's as they all seem to be saving for a big ticket items. Mason man and the little girls are already taken care of as well as gifts for friends and neighbors are about 80% complete. We are trying to think of something for Tyler other than the dang video games he is so into right now, UGH A stroll around Toy's R Us is on our To Do list.
Anyone else working on getting the gift giving chore out of the way early? I would love to have it all wrapped and stacked so I can really enjoy what the season is all about.


  1. Hi Debby, we have done almost nothing to get ready for Christmas. I was only focused on Jeff's surgery, Joe I am zoned in on Thanksgiving. I guess I may be one of those crazy people doing Black Friday or cyber Monday shopping. I've never made a t shirt quilt, yours looks great but I don't like sewing heavy stuff either.

  2. I am delivering the "Big Box" to our gang this weekend, filled with a bit of everything for everyone in the Family that make 7 when they are all together. Another T-Shirt Quilt off your check list, awesome ! Monster cookies did you say? I have to get baking some treats to take along on my trip tomorrow for our bunch. I hate going out after dark anymore.

  3. My grandchildren live across the country so I let them pick a gift from Amazon. That way I get to see it and Mom wraps it and puts it away until Christmas! Grandson who is into the "games" picked himself a "gaming chair". That surprised me as I was sure it would be a game. It's pretty nice. It folds and can be put in his closet.

  4. I have not done a thing to get ready for Christmas yet, Debby. You are well on your way-good for you. I hope to not be rushing at the last minute- xo Diana

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