Wednesday, November 20, 2013

First Christmas Tee

 Sew what do you think? I know the DD's are going to want to get the little girls in their Christmas finery the day after Thanksgiving. This is a super quick easy tee to put together. Here is how to do it.
 You need 3 scraps or charm squares of fabric.
 Cut (2) pieces 3  x 4 these well be the end packages.
Cut  (1) piece 3 x 5 this is the middle package.
Now use light weight iron on double sided "Heat and Bond" on each package.
 Iron the pieces down then use a zig zag stitch around each package. If you don't have a sewing machine you could use heavy weight "Heat and Bond". The heavy weight should hold up in the wash
 Next you could make super cute bows for each package or you could be lazy like me and buy some hair pretty's. These have 4 bows per package, were on sale buy one get one 1/2 off. Worked out to $1.10 @.
Take the clip, pony tail holder, or whatever off of the hair bow. Use a small safety pin in the inside of the shirt to pin the bows in place. This way when the shirt needs to be washed you can remove the bow to keep it crisp and fresh.
I added a little poof to the main package to fancy it all up a bit more
Kara was helping me get the binding on the tee shirt quilt this afternoon but she pooped out on me! Ha I think the quilt has now passed the comfy test
Silly girl even brought the Bitty Babies in for some cuddle time.

OK, I will admit it right now I am tired!!! Running around this morning on errands, cramming in some sewing, playing hide n seek, on and on. I am ready for bed and that is just where I am going!!

Hope the instructions above will help jump start a new Christmas tee for someone you love or why not one for yourself?

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