Friday, November 15, 2013

One wall at a time

Check out these piles of scrapbooks
Sad thing is with this many scrapbooks not one is for the toddlers, I need to get back to scrapbooking!!
Wall # 3 is complete, one more to go.  I used the leftover drapery panels to recover some pillows to add a pop of color 
Mommy finally decided it was time to get Kara potty trained this week. The only way she would go potty for me was to ride her scooter to the powder room. And I wonder why I am painting every single wall downstairs!! Ha
Burrrrr, it's just down right cold here!! We had snow flurries on Tuesday with temps in the teens each night this week. It's too darn early to have the heat on full time. So much for saving on the electric bill this month. Kara keeps me on the run during the day so I don't notice how cold it is until AJ the beagle and I finally sit down for the night,
Speaking of Kara, she had her first session with the speech therapist Monday. Mommy was VERY surprised that she sat right down and did everything that was ask of her. Kara HATES to sit still. Seems the work they did with her Monday has already taken hold, she told DD#1 today "you look like s..." just as clear as can be. Nice. Maybe we shouldn't worry about expanding Kara's vocabulary!!! Kids, you just never know what they might say or do.
After the grands clear out tomorrow I will be able to finish the living room painting. YAAAA. Then it's on to fluffing the room. I have high hopes a can of spray paint or two will give the lamps a face lift then call it done for now. Enough with the home improvements it's time to clean house and get ready for Thanksgiving! It's always the same, concentrate on one area and the rest of the house turns into a pit.

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  1. Is this the new to you, and free, furniture? It is beautiful!

    I have the Thankful banner you made for me last year hanging above the mantel. It looks to classy, thank you again.