Sunday, November 3, 2013


 It was nice to have a break from all the sanding of walls and trim for some Sunday Peewee football
 Tyler scored another touchdown, yaa. We gave him an atta boy afterwards he says to me "Nanny I told my little feet to run as fast as they could and they did!" Aww, too cute
 I was so darn glad to be done with getting that old wallpaper down, sanding of the walls, and trim. This is hard work!
After the ball game today I got everything primed. On to getting the first coat of paint on the trim tonight, figure it will take at least two coats of paint, hopefully not three!

I know once this room is finished I will like it but tonight...not so much! Ha My arms are so tired of sanding and pulling off wallpaper I can hardly lift them. I have until Tuesday this week to get as much as can be done before I need to get busy packing for our family vacation. I had high hopes I could complete everything before vacation but that's a no go. Days when I have one or more of the grands puts a cramp in the home improvement progress to say the least.

As hard as the work is, it feels good to bring some new life into this ageing house even though I am stuck doing it all, sigh We just can't spend the extra money for the Pros to do the work nor will my nerves hold up to yet more workmen that never show up!

Off to get that trim painted so AJ the beagle and I can get our beauty sleep.


  1. Yea for Tyler and yea for you! I am so impressed with all your DIY.

  2. I feel your pain, we have dust everywhere in this house, as I sanded a little bit of a door frame down this morning, goodness knows how long it will take to clear all it up.......

  3. Wow, I'm impressed how you are doing all of this yourself!